Help Others: Volunteer Your Fix-It Skills

Dan the Fix-It ManThe Fix-It Club offers free repair help with more than 250 FREE Fix-It Guides including instructions on how to maintain and repair household things that break. If you've ever used one of our Fix-It Guides to make a repair, maintain something or to recycle or reuse broken stuff, you are automatically a member of the Fix-It Club. Congratulations! You are helping the economy and the environment one repair at a time!

Want to do more? There are millions of people who have broken stuff but cannot perform the repairs needed to fix them again. Many of them are among our senior citizens and the disabled. They could use your help! Volunteer your fix-it skills at a local senior center, thrift store, or other service organization.

How can you be a Fix-It Club Volunteer?

Volunteer your fix-it skills by offering others free repair help! And thank you for joining the Fix-It Club!

--Dan "The Fix-It Man" Ramsey (a senior citizen!)

Fix-It Club

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