Small Appliance Repair


Electric toasters are easy to disassemble and repair following step-by-step instructions from the Fix-It Club.

Small appliances dot the landscape of our lives: microwave, coffee maker, coffee grinder, food blender, waffle iron, cordless vacuum, electric can opener, electric iron, electric shaver, electric toothbrush, food mixer, food processor, food slicer, garbage disposer, hair clipper, juicer, and more. When these small appliances fail to work it's so easy to go buy another. A better option is to first take a look and see if you can repair the small appliance. The Fix-It Club offers free repair help for these and other small appliances. Our Fix-It Guides show you:

  • How small appliances work
  • What can go wrong
  • How to identify a problem
  • What is needed for repair
  • The steps to basic repairs

Small Appliance Repairs

An electric knife is simple to repair.

An electric knife is simple to repair.

That's how the Fix-It Club can help you repair small appliances: by showing you how they work and how to make common repairs. In addition, the Fix-It Club includes FREE Fix-It Guides to help you answer related questions about:

Free Repair Help

Here are the FREE Fix-It Guides for Small Appliance Repairs:

Save time. Save money. Save the planet -- one repair at a time. Learn how small appliances work and what to do when they don't with free repair help from the Fix-It Club.

--Dan "The Fix-It Man" Ramsey

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