Locks & Security

The Fix-It Club knows how to diagnose and repair hundreds of things around your home from appliances to zippers. We also know how to keep your home and auto secure with our new Locks & Security department. In it you will learn how locks and security systems work — and what to do when they don’t. Keep checking back here (Ctrl-D) for new articles on home and auto locks and security.

Lock Repair

Locks protect our homes, cars, files, and more — or do they? How secure are locks? And what can you do to repair them and make them more secure? The Fix-It Club knows. Here is an overview of how locks work as well as instructions on what to do when they don’t. Understanding locks, their maintenance, and their limits can help you keep safe.

Security System Repair

Security system repair is often simple. By keeping your security system or burglar alarm in top operating condition you’ll not only sleep better, your neighbors will too. This Fix-It Guide tells how a security system works, what often goes wrong, how to identify a security system problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix your system. It then gives instructions on how to test a security system wired sensor, as well as how to perform magnetic switch sensor replacement, plunger switch sensor replacement, and vibration glass-break detector replacement.