Emergency Electrical Repairs

ELECTRICALSERVICEPANEL3Emergency electrical repairs can turn a good day into a bad one. Fortunately, the Fix-It Club has FREE repair help for electrical repairs and other household emergencies. If your home is having an emergency electrical problem, take a deep breath and keep reading.

1. Turn Off The Power

  • If your emergency electrical problem is caused by a major appliance, small appliance, or an electronic device, the obvious first step is to unplug it from the electrical outlet. Be careful as the problem may be in the electrical cord. Make sure the device is turned off and you are not standing in water that would allow the electricity to go through you. Use insulated pliers to remove the plug if you think there is a chance of getting shocked.
  • If all your home’s lights and electric gadgets suddenly quit working, check the electrical service panel to see if the main breaker or fuse has tripped. Also check to see if your neighbors have power. If in doubt, call the power company.
  • If an individual circuit breaker trips or a fuse burns out, check the electrical service panel.
  • If an electrical appliance or device, such as an oven or a blender, quits working, refer to the specific Fix-It Guide for testing instructions.
  • If an electrical receptacle or electrical switch malfunctions, test and replace if necessary.
  • If you suspect a short or wire failure in your house electrical system, call a licensed electrician.

2. Find The Problem

You can perform several simple electrical tests on all kinds of electrical things around your home. Electrical tests will help you perform electrical cord repair, hair dryer repair, motor repair, vacuum cleaner repair, as well as scads of other repairs. All you will need is one or more of three inexpensive testers: a continuity tester, a multimeter, and/or a circuit tester. Read the Electrical Tests Fix-It Guide for tips on electrical repair.

3. Make The Repair

The Fix-It Club offers FREE repair help with more than 250 Fix-It Guides written to help you not only repair household things that break, but also to help you understand how thing are supposed to work. You'll also learn the importance of our motto: "Maintenance is cheaper than repair!" Welcome to the Fix-It Club!

--Dan "The Fix-It Man" Ramsey

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