Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Repair

A cordless vacuum cleaner performs small clean-ups quickly, as long as it is working. This Fix-It Guide on cordless vacuum cleaner repair tells how a cordless vacuum cleaner works, what often goes wrong, how to identify a cordless vacuum cleaner problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix it. It then gives simple step-by-step instructions for how to disassemble a typical cordless vac and how to replace a faulty battery.

How Does a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Work?

A cordless vacuum cleaner is a hand-held, battery-operated small appliance designed to accomplish small cleaning tasks such as vacuuming up spills, etc. from floors, furniture and other surfaces. They are sometimes referred to by the brand-name DustBuster.
Cordless vacuum cleaners use a motorized fan to develop suction that pulls dirt in to an internal bag that can be removed and dumped. In addition, cordless vacuums have an internal battery that stores electric power to run the DC (direct current) motor. An external battery charger and docking station is plugged in to an AC (alternating current) electric outlet.

What Can Go Wrong with a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

The most common problem faced by cordless vacuum cleaners is caused by dirt, the element it’s supposed to be picking up. If the motor or collection bag aren’t tightly mounted, dirt can enter through crevices and damage internal parts.

Fix-It Tip
After each use, shake dust from the filter. Periodically wash a cloth filter in warm water and make sure the filter is dry before re-installation. Replace a paper filter. Visually inspect the inside of the unit for obvious damage or sealing problems.

How Can I Identify a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Problem?

Besides getting jammed with dirt and debris, the major problem that cordless vacuums face is a weak battery or failing recharger. Some cordless vacuum batteries are easily replaced while others are not and require that the entire unit be replaced.

Fix-It Tip
You can clean the interior of a cordless vacuum with suction from a larger vacuum hose. Or you can use canned air to remove dust from internal surfaces. Make sure you wear goggles or other protection to keep dust from your eyes.

What Do I Need for Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Repair?

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Disassemble to find and replace the filter.

Access to the filter and fan is relatively easy. Most cordless vacuums have clips that are pressed to open the unit. If you are in doubt, check the owner’s manual. Replacement parts are available from the unit’s manufacturer or Tools you may need to remove and test components include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Multimeter

What Are the Steps to Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Repair?

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Disassemble more to access the vacuum motor and electrical switches.

For routine cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting, refer to the unit’s owner’s manual.

Replace a faulty cordless vacuum cleaner battery:

  1. Unplug the cordless vacuum charger unit from the electric outlet.
  2. Unscrew or unclip the wiring compartment cover located on the back side of the charger.
  3. Disconnect wire harness clips as needed and unscrew or unclip the charger.
  4. Use a multimeter to test the battery. Replace a faulty battery with one of the same size and power (voltage and current) as the original, available from the manufacturer or an after-market parts supplier.

Fix-It Tip
If your cordless vacuum cleaner uses paper filters or collection bags, write the date of changing on it. Alternately, you can affix a piece of masking tape on the outside of the unit and write the change date as a reminder.