Fix-It Tips: November

Fix-It Tips: November: How to troubleshoot and repair or replace - by the Fix-It Club.The Fix-It Club offers simple instructions for common household repairs. Following are ten practical maintenance and troubleshooting tips that can help you keep repairs to a minimum. Come back each month (or sooner) to check out the latest Fix-It Tips!

Fix-It Tip #1

Can’t fix it? Recycle or re-use it! We’ve partnered with to provide you with a recycling or re-use search tool. At the end of each Fix-It Guide, indicate What you want to recycle or re-use and Where you are. They will tell you where to do it. It’s free! And it’s cool!

Fix-It Tip #2

Change or clean the filter regularly for maximum efficiency from your furnace.

Fix-It Tip #3

Temporarily stop a draft from under a front door with a rolled up towel or small blanket snugged up to the bottom of the door.

Fix-It Tip #4

Learn where your home’s main water shut off is located so you can turn water off quickly in case of an emergency. Show it to kids who are old enough to be home alone.

Fix-It Tip #5

Save energy by closing forced-air distribution vents in rooms that don’t need to be toasty warm.

Fix-It Tip #6

Avoid a chimney fire. Position a mirror in the firebox of your fireplace or wood-burning stove to see up the chimney and check for a buildup of creosote.

Fix-It Tip #7

Clean and repair garden tools before you store them for the winter in a dry basement, garage, or storage building.

Fix-It Tip #8

Install an automatic setback thermostat to precisely control your furnace and save energy. It can be set to automatically keep the house cooler at night when your family is sleeping and during hours when the house is unoccupied.

Fix-It Tip #9

Remove oxidation from aluminum window frames with steel wool or a mildly abrasive household cleaner. Then apply a coat of automotive paste wax for protection.

Fix-It Tip #10

Remove and store window screens for the winter. You’ll enjoy maximum sunshine and save wear on the screens.

–Dan & Judy Ramsey

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