Fix-It Tips: May

Fix-It Tips: May: How to troubleshoot and repair or replace - by the Fix-It Club.Weather is improving and it’s time to begin thinking about summer. Yeah! But maybe you still have things that need fixing before you can use them again. This month’s Fix-It Tips include gas grills, lawn mowers, concrete, window/door screens, bicycles, warranties, and others. With the Fix-It Club’s easy instructions, you can quickly make repairs and start enjoying your stuff again.

Fix-It Tip #1

Caution: Always transport a propane gas tank upright with the valve completely closed and the safety plug screwed in tightly. From Gas Grill Repair.

Fix-It Tip #2

Save yourself some time and money. Pull out the owner’s manual for your riding lawn mower and determine what regular maintenance is needed, then mark the jobs on your calendar. Taking care of your mower will pay off by ensuring a longer working life at lower costs. From Riding Lawn Mower Repair.

Fix-It Tip #3

Oil, if left standing, can chemically damage and weaken the concrete. Use sand to soak up patches of oil on concrete. Then clean the area with mineral spirits or a degreasing solution. From Concrete Repair.

Fix-It Tip #4

If you are fixing one window or door screen today, chances are you’ll be fixing another one soon. Consider buying an entire roll of screening. It’s less expensive by the roll and you’ll have matching screening for future repairs. From Window or Door Screen Repair.

Fix-It Tip #5

When parking a bicycle, use the kickstand to keep it from falling over. If you must lay the bike down on its side, lay it on the left side so as not to damage the freewheel, chain rings, and derailleurs. From Bicycle Repair.

Fix-It Tip #6

As you shop for replacement things, open up the box and read the warranty card to find out how long the product or specific parts are covered for repairs or replacement. From Warranties.

Fix-It Tip #7

Houses built before 1978 may contain lead paint. Before disturbing any surface, get a lab analysis of paint chips from it (about $5 per sample). Contact your public health department for information on how to collect samples and where to send them. From Safety First!.

Fix-It Tip #8

Fly reels last longer if cleaned with a small amount of alcohol or kerosene after every use. Also apply lightweight oil on other moving parts of the reel before storage. The same advice goes for spinning and bait-casting reels. A little preventive maintenance can add years to your fishing enjoyment. From Fishing Reel Repair.

Fix-It Tip #9

If you have an older home, invest in a circuit tracer. You can plug it into any electrical receptacle in your home and, with a companion tester, identify which circuit breaker or fuse in your electrical service box controls it. Then mark the box as appropriate. In an emergency you can quickly turn off a problem circuit without shutting down the whole system. From Receptacle Repair.

Fix-It Tip #10

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–Dan & Judy Ramsey

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