Repair Hybrid Things

The largest category of things that need repair is: hybrid. That is, many things in our lives combine stationary (clothing) and mechanical (zipper), or mechanical (food mixer) and electrical (power). Hybrid thing repairs may include riding lawn mower repair, refrigerator repair, fan repair, food processor repair, and a whole host of other repairs. However, by looking at every thing by category you can more easily figure out what’s wrong.

Troubleshooting Hybrid Things

Troubleshooting hybrid things means simply looking at each job it does–or doesn’t do–as a stationary, mechanical, or electrical function. For example, troubleshooting a riding lawn mower means looking at the handles and case as stationary; the wheels, engine, and blade as mechanical; and the starter and ignition system as electrical. You can break down any household thing to its systems, then components, to figure out what’s wrong with it and how to fix it.

The same goes for fixing hybrid things. Think of every thing as systems of components. Get the parts and tools needed for replacing the component. Fix it following the tips for the type of function (stationary, mechanical, electrical). Test it and adjust as needed. You’re done.

What about all the new gadgets coming on the market every day? Most really aren’t new; they are new-and-improved versions of things that have been around for many years. For example, the newest movie players are simply combination gadgets; read the guides on fixing a DVD Player and fixing a CD Player .